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Though there are no specifics in homeopathy, as all the cases are studied with detailed history of the patient, yet we are providing the major symptoms for few commonly used homeopathic remedies, in sexual problems.

PICRIC ACID- For initial stages of sexual debility.

ONOSMODIUM VIR- For fully developed consequences of sexual abuse.

TITANIUM- Sexual weakness & too early ejaculation of semen.

KALI PHOS- Nervousness due to excesses .

RAPHANUS SAT- Aversion toward sex in women.


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Blogger md. zakir hossain said...

Lycopodium 10M,CM. Baryta carb 30c, Selenium 200c, Titanium 3X...........Calc carb, Nux, Sulphur, Graphities are essential remedies in Homeopathy for sexual disability.

9/21/2013 8:47 AM  
Blogger md. zakir hossain said...

Also Homeo common remedies for sexual disability are Avena sativa-Q, Turnera-Q, Tribulas trestris-Q, Agnus cast-Q/6, Cydonia vulgaris 30c, Ginseng-Q and more .....medicine need.

9/22/2013 10:31 AM  
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Blogger Chandan said...

(Cydonia vulgarius q)
Is it the right med to increase the penis size ?
If yes then how many times do i need to take this & is there any thing that i need to take care of in eating ?

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